The 7 Stages of Growth

We are the innovators of the “7 Stages of Growth.” Growth Curve founder James Fischer, discovered that every small business must pass through seven stages successfully in order to sustain future growth. Each stage of growth for any business is determined by the company’s complexity.

Complexity is determined by the number of people employed.

Each human being is a complex adaptive system, adding to the complexity of your organization. Your company is also a complex adaptive system, struggling within a complex industry, in an ever changing environment. This scenario of "layers of complexity" is found everywhere in nature, and it’s why we use images of nature throughout our site.

There are 10 hidden agents working in every stage of growth, and there are 5 areas of attention every leader must keep in focus in order to transition in a balanced way, to the next stage of complexity. If the hidden agents or the rules of growth are not known and applied, then profitability and growth are not sustainable.

Do you know what stage of growth your company is in?

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