Business Assessments

Below are two short surveys offered free of charge. The first will quickly assess your company's stage of growth and your current business challenges. The second gives a score to help forge the perfect Business Model. Please fill in all portions of the survey and you will recieve an immediate assessment report. We will contact you within 24 hours, to help you with the deeper interpretations of the report, to better diagnose, predict and solve your company’s challenges. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at:


Stage of Growth Assessment

This assessment will allow you to diagnose, predict and solve your company’s challenges by learning about several key concepts that are imperative to understanding the foundations of Stage of Growth theory when creating a sustainable business. These are: the Three Gates of Growth; the 27 Key Challenges of any business; the company’s Builder/Protector Ratio; and, the Non-Negotiable Rules of the Seven Stages of Growth. The assessment report you receive immediately upon completion of the short survey will highlight these areas of your company, and give an explanation of where it should be within the parameters of the ideal business model at your company’s current stage, in order to facilitate a healthy transition to the next stage of growth.

Stage of Growth Assessment

Successful Business Model Assessment

This assessment will help you decipher which business model your company should strategically employ for success, by scoring the 12 modeling criteria within your company, with our proprietary modeling matrix for sustainable growth enterprises. We can key you in to the critical business DNA necessary to establish sustainable revenue and profit growth using the appropriate model You will receive a score immediately upon completion of the short survey. Our team will assess the number and contact you within 24 hours to go over the hidden meaning of your company’s Model score. We can then help you forge you the best business model for success.

Successful Business Model Assessment

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Navigating the Growth Curve

Navigating the Growth Curve, by James Fischer

Change the way you do business, by first understanding where the challenges really come from.

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