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Tired of lost time, and not building your business proactively on a daily basis?

Take advantage of innovative and comprehensive tools made specifically for small business with 5-500 employees and growing. 

  • All the "process thinking" is done for you. 
  • As easy as fill in the blank. 
  • Replaces multiple document formats and confusing, unsynergistc reports.
  • Used by the entire company, info and data rolls up the ranks effortlessly.
  • Share between departments, with seperate manager rights and executive views, that will give you a deep understanding of company performance. 
  • Replaces hundreds of hours of policy and procedure development.
  • Creates a common language and format, for all documentation in your organization.

Welcome to Tools that fit the fast pace of your small business

Experience the quiet calm of being lead through the critical thinking process, including strategey, planning, execution and performance at every level of business and throughout all 6 areas of business. Recieve comprehensive freedback and performance data that will enhance your ability to make great, forsighted decisions for your growing business. 


Sample Blueprint of an actual company using our Growth Card Tool 

What clients say are saying . . .

“Whether your company is growing or facing consolidation in difficult times, Growth Curve Institute provides a complete and integrated set of constructs for understanding, and a tool kit for action, to get your company on track and able to navigate today’s tumultuous change and uncertainty. Not just a reformulation of existing ideas but an innovative and timely information.”
– Steve Adams, Senior Director, Professional Services Worldwide-AutoDesk, Inc.

Overwhelmed. . . no effective system in place?

It could be like this!

"Doing" is not what makes the business leader successful.

Eighteen years of small business success factor research shows, "critital thinking" is the key.

Working harder is rarely the answer. Working smarter is the key. The data proves that most small business owners and executives do not know what questions to ask themselves after a certain point. This is universal. It is not a statment on intelligence or education, but a question of having an open mind and allowing ourselves to think beyond the status quo of work-a-day business.

Growth Curve Institute's Knowledge Base and Socratic method incorporated into the components of our Tools is designed to ask valuable questions of leaders, at the right time, and in the right context. This creates a greater ability for you to see your company clearly and from a higher perspective, which completely alters the decisions you will make. It's an experience of transformation for every executive leader who tries it.