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Sustainable Growth League

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Sustainable Growth League Training for Executives and Managers

  • A method for critically thinking through and organizing each of the six areas of your business.
  • Leadership coaching for each of the 7 Stage of Growth.
  • Tools necessary to diagnose, predict and solve every business challenge.
  • Knowledge for determining which of your actions will have the greatest impact on your business.
  • Systems necessary to strategize, plan, organize, track performance, and make informed decisions that deeply effect future growth.
  • Save hundreds of hours this year, by effectively executing plans and creating an efficient, pro-active organization.

Want to do away with the guess work of what to do next for your business?

Learn to accurately diagnose your businees and pin-point how to solve current challenges by identifying and working on the area of greatest impact. When you join the Sustainable Growth League or take our workshops, results are immanent.

The companies in our SGL training program have seen an average revenue increase of 35% the first year. A sample of five real compaies participating in the SGL shows revenue increase from 2011-2013.


Average 35% increase in revenue for our clients, after just 1 year of applying the knowledge, skills and methodology of the SGL Program.

What members are saying . . .

"Great concepts! A very innovative approach to addressing the challenges of entrepreneurial leadership. I think Growth Curve Institute has created an executive learning program that truly understands the needs of an entrepreneurial CEO. Their programs are a must for anyone who genuinely wants to be a more effective leader and organize their business on a solid foundation."
– Peg Chapman, CEO-Dynamic Design and Manufacturing

We can help you move from this. . .

To this!

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Isn’t it time to fulfill your dream of financial independence and freedom?

If so, let's dive beneath the surface of business and get to the heart of how to grow your company!

It will take a different way of thinking, and a new method to keep up with the fast paced business environment of today, but we can lead you through both efforts. We have the answers, the solutions and the innovative processes to move you from what often feels like an insurmountable effort on a lonely road, to a clear path with organized processes, and buy-in from employees who become motivated and start performing at levels you didn't think possible. We are here to help you realize your dream.



Sustainable Growth League Charter

Sustainable Growth League

Sustainable Growth League (SGL) is an executive leader organization, created by Growth Curve Institute, for the purpose of supporting owners and executives of small businesses, 500 employees and under, through comprehensive training programs, stages of growth leadership coaching, an online peer advisory community and ongoing support programs. Unlike other executive groups, SGL uses a proven system to significantly enhance the wisdom and advice of fellow members. By actively utilizing the Sustainable Business Growth System and tools, SGL members are able to develop specific leadership skills that dramatically improve the performance and sustainability of their companies and transforms their personal well-being.